Fengjia night market, originated in the Wenhua Road, the University of Fenjia
University to the intersection of Fuxing intersection, formerly known as Wenhua
night market, due to school relations and Fengjia night market famous at home and。
Has been developed to Wenhua Road, Fengjia Road, Fuxing Road and Qinghe Street
as the core of the big business district. Is one of the most famous night market in
Taiwan, the people vote for "Taichung Top Ten tourist attractions" to Taiwan will visit
the night attractions.

Fengjia University moved to Taichung City in 1963 to the site of the West, the main
entrance (now the Wenhua Road side door) outside the Dapeng three village
dependents mothers because of student food and paste home, Stalls (now the noise
wall features area), the other side of the businessmen selling food and all kinds of
groceries, and gradually the formation of Wenhua night market.
80 years of Taiwan's economic take-off, night market with the development of the
city and the needs of the public leisure, and gradually expand to Fenjia Road and
Fuxing Road and other surrounding neighborhoods, has formed around 2200 stores
around the large shopping district, and Fengjia night market famous.

According to Feng University statistics, Fengjia night market, the number of tourists
on weekdays about 30,000 people, more than 100,000 during the holiday season ...
Friday from the three consecutive days of holidays, Wenhua Road, Qinghe Street and
the street is often crowded Packed in 2014, the crowd about 12.2 million people,
creating a business of about NT 10.9 billion.。
Visitors' Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, "2010 Nightly Specialized Night Market
Event", and the culinary snack of the night market, together with the Keelung
Miaomiao Night Market, won the "Taiwan's most delicious night market" and the " ,
To 25.6% of the votes to get Taiwan's favorite night market (second Shihlin night
market 15.4%). 2013 facebook in Taiwan, the top three punch locations. 2013, 2014
consecutive Taizhong City "Innovation Market" award affirmed. 2015 network
thermometer vote for the top ten favorite night market for the first ten for the
Taichung ticket selection attractions.

Brief introduction of several blocks

Wen Hua Road - tasting food and shopping to meet once

Fengjia night market origin, for the Fengjia night market district the earliest scale of
the store street, with creative food and inexpensive goods known. Original red brick
wall (now soundproof wall features area)Of the vendors continue to have innovative
food stationed, so far praised the line of food has Aber tea leaves eggs, Fengjia
Guigua ball, every grilled squid, cheese cheese, giant shells tofu,Qiaojiao Wang, lazy
shrimp, Iowa black round, cattle B sugar gourd .... and so on, both sides of the store
to provide affordable clothing and small objects 3C supplies to attract tourists
continue to come here。
Feng A happy star predecessor, a flagship night market for the country's first to the
night market as the theme of the closed-end integrated shopping malls, after the fire
renamed Fenjia happy stars and the building is also open to open-style open-air open
space square shopping malls.

Fengjia International Sightseeing Night Market CMC, for the business district by the
Taichung City, the first set up management organizations, 80 years that all the way to
receive counseling so far. 2010 to beautify Street View and Isolated night noise set up
noise walls. But also for the country's first implementation of the garbage does not
fall to the shops Street, since 2003, there is a garbage on the road to provide
consumers to invest in garbage.

Fengjia Road - Beauty, 3C supplies and large chain of clothing
business is also often organized activities

Feng Jia University entrance from the every way for the entrance, plus McDonald's
stationed at the crossroads, the gradual rise. On both sides of the business to the
trend of clothing, beauty and all kinds of 3C-based goods, Bijin Square for the first
to do the activities of the use of both sides after the business trip for the holiday
pedestrian area. McDonald's and Fengjia University entrance is also often gathered
for visitors and take pictures of the land. Every time a holiday or event is held, the
crowd is raging.

Fengjia Road 20 Lane (lunch street) - feature creative food

Commonly known as the street, the early alley business to provide more than a
student lunch lunch lunch and lunch and named. In recent years, the establishment
of Fengjia night market signs and alley food break the name, attracting many tourists
here. Famous food for the large intestine package small intestine, Park Big Brother
Korean fried chicken, seaside huts dry clams, Yongsheng Japanese fried noodles, bear
hand bag and so on.

Qinghe Street - feature creative cuisine

In 2006, in order to alleviate the traffic and the flow of people, the road between
Wenhua Road and Qinghe Street was widened by two meters wide. In recent years,
many characteristics of creative snacks stationed in the area, gradually formed
Fengjia night market known as the street food. Mostly fried food and beverages.
Famous queuing food for the golden thief, pig treasure box, black tea stinky tofu,
burst pulp massage chicken ...

Fuxing Road - McDonald's, sporting goods and shopping malls

McDonald's junctions large shopping malls, well-known drug store shop. Diagonally
opposite the tidal ocean parking lot and taxi greeting station, 2014 also increased
ibike station. The following point of the street has a distinctive bus kiosks and public
toilets. Parking lot next to the street shopping malls and streets to the trend of
clothing stores. Wenhua intersection and Fuxing junction of the Japanese boat
octopus burning and Ming Lun egg cake for the famous queuing food, every evening
to attract a large number of diners line up. In 2015, the new world is also in this area.

Fuxing North Road - new hotel, fine dining and large parking lot

2014, such as the enjoyment of large hotels have been in the area began to operate,
boutique restaurants stationed in succession. Night market outside, a lot of parking
lot, large tour buses often stop in this area. Famous monuments Zhang Liao Temple
also in this area.

Funky University

Founded in 1961 in Taichung City, Beitun Guanyinshan, two years later moved to
Xitun site, in 1980 for the university. The school has more than 50 years, the scale
gradually prepared, the school Yu Long, currently has workers, business, science,
humanities and social, information motor, construction, management and financial 8
colleges, including 33 departments (including not Department of Honors), 4
independent research institutes, 3 independent doctoral classes; awarded a total of
57 bachelor's degree, 76 master's degree and 14 doctoral degrees. There are more
than 20,000 students and more than 2,200 faculty members.

Dapeng New Town (Pengcheng Lane) dependents village

Dapeng New City for the 25 total number of 1286 households, the population of
more than 3300 people in the community, the original Dapeng three village site
reconstruction from. January 18, 2001 started in October 2005 and gradually moved
to the original distribution, a total of 6 into the village population.